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XTAL 3: VR without concessions … for 10,000 dollars (4K, 180° FoV, automatic IPD, etc.)


Imagine a VR headset with a TRUE 4K display per eye from 75Hz to 120Hz (QHD), and a horizontal FoV (field of view) up to 180°, all with theeye tracking, automatic adjustment of the IPD from 60 to 76 mm and tracking inside out (no need for remote sensors for the recognition of hand or joystick movements). This helmet with very high-end specifications, it is the XTAL 3, a device offered only to companies… and to the military (for flight simulators for example).

Unveiled at the last CES, the XTAL 3 will be offered in two versions. The 100% VR model will be priced at around $9,000… excluding taxes, while the mixed reality model (XTAL 3 MR), equipped with several 4K cameras (for 100 grams more on the scale) will peak at $11,500, still excluding tax.

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Admittedly, these two headsets are overpriced for ordinary mortals, but the XTAL 3 at least has the merit of showing the future of VR, which we will no doubt be able to put on our heads in a little while. ten years (or even less). The first deliveries of the XTAL 3 will be provided from April.

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