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Windows 11 Pro will require an internet connection during installation


The installation of Windows 11 Pro will experience a change, with the obligation to be connected to the Internet at the time of installation. It is already an obligation with the Family version of the operating system and now the Pro version will pass.

Internet connection required to install Windows 11 Pro

This change to require an Internet connection when installing Windows 11 Pro is mentioned by Microsoft in its notes with build 22557 distributed to testers who are members of the Windows Insider program. This was launched this week and brings several new features (which can be found on this article). There is also this change concerning the installation. Here is what Microsoft says:

Similar to the Home edition of Windows 11, the Pro edition of Windows 11 now requires an internet connection only during initial device setup (OOBE). If you choose to set up the device for personal use, the Microsoft account will also be required for setup. You can expect Microsoft account to be required after future releases.

Why will you suddenly need an account with the Pro version? Microsoft does not give the answer. However, it is possible that a parry exists to circumvent the new rule. It is already possible to circumvent the limitation with the Family version, so we can imagine that some will find an equivalent system for Windows 11 Pro.

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