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Why Courteney Cox regrets her use of Botox


At 57, the American actress regrets some of her choices. Especially when it comes to her looks. Sunday, February 20, in the Sunday Times Style Magazine, she confided to having tried hard to fight the signs of aging thanks to Botox injections. An approach that she no longer endorses today since these multiple interventions have changed the shape of his face.

“There was a time in my life when I thought, ‘Oh no, I’m changing, I look older.’ So I spent years chasing the illusion of youth“, explained the actress. Before adding: “I had not realized that I had become crazy about it. One day I realized “Oh my god, I look really weird with all these injections and everything I’m doing to my face”. I won’t do it again at all today. (…) At one point, I said to myself that I had to stop, it was really too much“.

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“There is nothing wrong with turning 60 soon”

Today, she fully assumes her age: “Now I try to age with more grace. I have lots of friends in their thirties. For me, we are the same age. […] There’s nothing wrong with turning 60 soon. I just find it hard to believe. Time passes so quickly”. If the mother of Coco, 18, has given up injections, there is no question for her of letting go. She takes pleasure in trying many cosmetics: “The way in which we are scrutinized is very intense c ‘is right. But I don’t think it can be more intense than the pressure I put on myself. (…) I love testing new products, I try everything“.

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