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What Italians want from their bank


Italians hold their liquidity mainly at one bank and in their relationship with it, they seek simplicity and new services, also following the digital turnaround started with the pandemic.

Following Covid and the gradual reduction of branches in the area, i45% of Italians have reduced access to branches preferring to use digital banking services.

This is what emerged from the Observatory Hybrid Lifestyle of Nomisma in collaboration with Crif which has evaluated the digitization of the post banking sector of Covid-19.

How the relationship with the bank has evolved

Precisely following the pandemic and the smaller number of branches, according to Nomisma, 68% of Italians prefer to work with their bank through the use of mobile banking (from smartphones) over other contact channels. This is a phenomenon that interests him most men (70% vs 66% women) and the age groups of the youngest (74% between 18 and 29 years, 73% between 30 and 44 years).

The 56% Italians prefers the use of home banking (from pc) compared to the other channels, these are in particular the “less young” of the 55-65 age group who have been able to transform a necessity into a virtue (63%).

Also according to the research, the increased use of online services has made it possible to improve the digital experience: for 64% of bank customers, the use of online banking services has improved and the satisfaction rate rises to 68% among those who have relationships with more of an institution.

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For one user in 3, the digital experience, favored by the current pandemic situation, has become a fundamental element of the relationship as a positive factor capable of strengthen the level of trust with your credit institutionespecially among those who have relationships with several banks.

What Italians want from their bank

Digital transformation and changing customer needs represent a challenge to maintain a long-term relationship with your bank.

According to the Bank of Italy, there are approximately 47.7 million account holders in our country and more than half of the respondents have relationships with a single credit institution (66%).

For the 66% of Italians the element that would help most to increase the satisfaction with your credit institutions is the management of the current account and of the operations simple and intuitive.
It is mainly women (70% vs 62% men) and the older age group (55-65 years 78% vs 18-29 years 59%) who have approached digital transformation as “non-native”. Intuitive account management comes from an equally web interface simplerequested by 40% of Italians, but also safe (38%).

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The overall view of the heritage that you can always keep under control (34% multiple choice choice), an element recognized as particularly valuable by the age range 30-44 (41%).

In the same area of ​​interest are those services capable of facilitate the management of the family economy, as the analysis of expenses, with the categorization by product type, trend graphs (27%) – 36% for the youngest between 18 and 29 years old – and the ability to connect current accounts held with other institutions, to view the total assets (26%).

Requirements that are increasingly reflected in the offer of some credit institutions that provide an account aggregation service with a high level of security, in full compliance with the standards set by the European PSD2 directive in the open banking sector.

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