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What are the sexual preferences of the French in 2022?


As Valentine’s Day approaches, the brand of sex toys Amorelia was interested in the sexual practices of the French. According to his SexReport 2022*, 36% of them believe that sex makes them feel good. But how do they like to practice it? At what frequency ? And what are the most common fantasies?

Favorite position: doggy style stays in the lead

In terms of position, the French play it rather classic. Favorite sex position remains doggy style. In second place comes the missionary, then the spoon (on the side).

80% of respondents prefer to take their time and 84% rely on a “romantic” atmosphere. It’s more mixed when it comes to lighting: 46% like to keep the light on during the act, while 54% prefer to turn it off.

the dirty talk, he meets only 16% of followers.

What are the most exciting places?

Tired of duvets and pillows, more and more French people leave the comfort of their bed:

How often do French people really have sex?

The French are not so hot rabbits. Far from clichés, only 4% say they have sex every day. While 8% say they never make love.

  • 31% say they have sex several times a week,
  • 33% say they have sex several times a month
  • and 24% say they have sex a few times a year.

Most respondents prefer the sexual act to be spontaneous (84%) and to take place in the evening rather than in the morning (78%).

The season is also important: 68% of respondents prefer to have sex in the summer and 32% prefer to curl up in the cold of winter.

Fantasies: the six sexual practices that stimulate the most

Regardless of gender, six fantasies are particularly appealing to the French:

  • the threesome (the majority of men concerned would prefer a threesome with two women, most women would prefer the reverse);
  • group sex ;
  • tantra (or tantrism): a very slow sexual practice that aims for a powerful orgasm;
  • role-playing games ;
  • make love in a public place ;
  • have a one night stand with a stranger.

Porn, the first source of information on sex…

The other two main sources of inspiration and information are discussions between friends and reports or series dedicated to sex.

Masturbation: men and women are almost equal

Women masturbate on average every eight days, men every six days, mainly in the evening, before sleeping.

27% say that masturbation allows them to give free rein to their fantasies, and 45% believe that this practice is not incompatible with a happy relationship.

And the sextoys in all this?

80% of respondents say they use their hands to give themselves pleasure and only 19% have taken the sex toy plunge. One in three women uses a sex toy (33%), compared to one in ten men (10%).

Also according to the survey, owners of sex toys have a longer sex life: 44% of them have sex every day or several times a week. On good terms.

*SexReport 2022: representative survey, conducted online among 1,000 French people aged 18 to 65, in collaboration with Trend Research

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