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Water bonus: today the click day, we start at 12. How to apply


Starting at 12 noon today, Thursday 17 February, it will be possible to submit online applications to request the water bonus, a reimbursement designed by the government to “help save water resources”.

Water bonus: what it is

It is a reimbursement of up to 1,000 euros for the expenses that were incurred in 2021 for the water efficiency interventions and can be requested only once, for a single property, for the expenses actually incurred and duly documented from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021.

Furthermore, users are reminded that the water bonus is alternative and cannot be combinedin relation to the same items of expenditure, with other tax concessions relating to the supply, installation and installation of the same goods.


It is recognized for natural persons, residing in Italy, who in the course of 2021 have incurred the following expenses:

  • there supply and installation of ceramic sanitary ware with maximum discharge volume equal to or less than 6 liters and related discharge systems, including connected plumbing and masonry works and the dismantling and disposal of pre-existing systems;
  • there supply and installation of taps and mixers for bathroom and kitchena, including devices for controlling the flow of water with a flow rate equal to or less than 6 liters per minute, and shower heads and shower columns with water flow rates equal to or less than 9 liters per minute, including any hydraulic works and connected masonry and the dismantling and disposal of pre-existing systems.

How to submit the application

The bonus can be requested on the appropriate online platform. As explained by the Ministry of Ecological Transition, reimbursement applications, correctly filled in and accompanied by the necessary documentation, will be allowed until the available financial resources are exhausted. Interested parties, if they do not already have it, must request the attribution of digital identity.

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The identity of the beneficiaries, in relation to the data of the name, surname and tax code, is ascertained through SPID or through an Electronic Identity Card.

During the registration procedure, the beneficiary provides the necessary self-certification self-certification:

  • name, surname, tax code of the beneficiary;
  • amount of expenditure incurred, for which reimbursement is requested;
  • quantity of the asset and specifications of the laying or installation;
  • technical specifications, for each item replaced by water flow limiting appliances, as well as specification of the maximum water flow rate (in l / min) of the purchased product;
  • cadastral identification of the property (Municipality, Section, Urban Section, Sheet, Parcel, Subaltern) for which a request for reimbursement was presented;
  • declaration of not having benefited from other tax concessions for the supply, installation and installation of the same goods;
  • coordinates of the bank / postal current account (Iban) of the beneficiary to which the refund is to be credited;
  • indication of the legal title for which the bonus is requested (owner, joint holder, tenant, usufructuary, etc.);
    certification of the applicant if not owner or co-owner, pursuant to Presidential Decree 445/2000, of the details of the contract from which it is entitled;
  • certification, pursuant to Presidential Decree 445/2000, of communication to the joint holder / owner, also identified with name, surname and tax code, of the will to benefit from the aforementioned bonus;
  • copy of the electronic invoice or of the commercial document showing the tax code of the applicant for the credit. For subjects not required to issue an electronic invoice, the issuance of an invoice or a commercial document, certifying the purchase of the asset, a copy of the bank or postal payment, documentation of the seller suitable for tracing the transaction to the specific purchased product, as per model available on the “Platform”.
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