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War in Ukraine: Has the Russian army been overestimated?


Vehicles abandoned on Ukrainian roads, columns running out of gas, walkie-talkie communications, soldiers using Google Maps to find their way around and, above all, many casualties… Since the start of its invasion of Ukraine , the Russian army seems to encounter a series of unexpected difficulties both for public opinion and for many specialists. Obviously, the images circulating on social networks, coming mostly from the Ukrainian camp, just like the figures put forward by its army, must be taken with a grain of salt, as the information war is also raging. Likewise, it should not be forgotten that the Ukrainian army has very probably suffered heavy losses, and is in a more than precarious situation. But what now clearly appears to many observers as the failure of the invader’s initial plan allows the following question: was the Russian army “overrated”?

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A note published on March 1 by the Foundation for Strategic Research suggests that it is. ” Western experts point to multiple tactical flaws: difficulties in practicing combined arms combat, lack of tactical maneuver, shortcomings in combat reconnaissance or in air fire support, etc. », enumerate the authors of this synthesis. Which conclude: The question of available resources could eventually arise, not only on the Ukrainian side (ammunition resources in particular) but also on the Russian side. According to the US State Department, Moscow has already committed two-thirds of its units, which is not negligible if we therefore consider that neither Kiev nor Kharkiv have yet been taken and that the west of Ukraine still remains largely untouched by invasion. »


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