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User tracking: Meta pays $90 million to end lawsuits


Meta, Facebook’s parent company, has agreed to pay $90 million to end a lawsuit over user data privacy.

$90 million for user tracking

Facebook was accused of having tracked users in their Internet browsing, even after they disconnected from the platform, to collect data for advertising targeting purposes.

The agreement submitted Monday for approval in a California court provides that the 90 million be paid to the plaintiffs who prove that they were affected by this tracking. And Meta undertakes to isolate and destroy all personal information concerned, collected in 2010 and 2011.

According to the complaint, Facebook used cookies installed in browsers to register visits to other sites. For example, the social network knew that a user, even if not logged in, was viewing other sites when they included Like buttons. This problem has been resolved for a long time and is no longer relevant today, assures Meta.

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This case is far from the only one. Facebook is accused of many ills by regulators in the US, Europe and other countries. Their use of cookies, in particular, is considered increasingly problematic in terms of respecting the confidentiality of people online. A year ago, Facebook agreed to pay $650 million to end a privacy lawsuit against 1.6 million users.

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