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Usa: Supreme Court rejects vaccination obligation for large companies


New blow for US President Joe Biden on the subject of mandatory vaccination in the US, which, in the election year of mid term, reckon with a rating dropped to a minimum (33% according to a survey by Quinnipiac University). The latest heavy blow, which the White House tenant must take, comes from Supreme Court, that yesterday blocked the vaccine requirement or of teast anti Covid weekly introduced nationally by the Biden administration for large companies (with over 100 employees) last September.

A move that, according to estimates by the White House, would have affected almost 100 million employees and would have prevented 250,000 hospitalizations and thousands of deaths.

But the judges, accepting the appeals of the republican-led states, believe that the administration does not have the power to impose such a requirement on large companies, without the authorization of Congress. However, the vaccine requirement remains for health workers who work in facilities that receive federal funds.

“The court ruled that my administration cannot use the authority granted by Congress to request this measure, but that doesn’t stop me from using my voice as president to argue that employers are doing the right thing to protect health. and the American economy, ”Biden said.

US banks towards vaccination obligation

In this regard, some of the big Wall Street banks like Citigroup, stated that U.S.-based personnel not vaccinated against COVID-19 by today, Jan. 14, would be placed in unpaid and dismissed leave at the end of the month, except in cases of exemption. A road on which it seems that it is also starting JP Morgan Chase. The number one of the American bank made it clear, Jamie Dimon, anticipating strict rules in anticipation of a safe return to work.

“Without vaccine, it will not be possible to work in the office, ”he explained to CNN, explaining that employees who cannot carry out their activities on site will not be paid. “We want people to be vaccinated.” Asked about a possible hybrid work policy in the future whereby employees divide their time between home and office, Dimon said: “We currently don’t have an answer.”

The decision on large companies marks one heavy defeat for Biden (and a success for Donald Trump), confirming his administration’s difficulty in imposing preventive and restrictive measures nationwide. The president had no choice but to announce perhaps less impactful measures, such as the purchase of another 500 million do-it-yourself tests for Covid to be distributed for free, in addition to the 500 million already ordered, and the sending of additional teams. of military doctors in six states overwhelmed by the emergency: New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Rhode Island, Michigan and New Mexico.
Biden also promised that his administration will announce next week how it will make high-quality face masks available to Americans for free.
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