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UniCredit: 1,200 voluntary exits and 725 new entrants expected by 2024


Spotlights on UniCredit which will lift the veil on tomorrow morning quarterly accounts, thus opening the dance of the quarterly reports of the Italian banks.
The group led by Andrea Orcel this morning in the meantime he announced that he had signed with the trade union delegations of FABI, FIRST CISL, FISAC / CGIL, UILCA and UNISIN, the agreement aimed at fostering a generational change and strengthening the training and development of the people of the UniCredit Group in Italy.

Unicredit, the agreement for the exits

The agreement signed by Unicredit defines the methods and criteria for achieving the objective of a total of 1,200 new ones voluntary exits by the end of 2024with socially responsible tools such as retirement and access to the Solidarity Fund.
The Milanese Group also undertakes to hire 725 people in the three-year period 2022/2024, which, added to the remaining 775 of the agreement of 2 April 2020, bring new entrants to approximately 1,500. This ensures positive generational turnover and an increase in the digital skills of the workforce.

In particular they are expected new hires with permanent / apprenticeship contracts, in the ratio of one entry for every two exits to join the plan, up to the insertion of 475 resources who will be placed in the bank branches.
In order to strengthen the generational turnover, UniCredit also declares that it will carry out a corresponding further number of 250 hires, equally divided between the branches and the strengthening of the digital area. Finally, the completion of the remaining 775 agreed entries already provided for in the group agreement of 2 April 2020 is expected and, moreover, 1,000 apprentices will be confirmed over time in permanent employment contracts.

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These new hires, in addition to guaranteeing the necessary generational turnover by supporting theevolution of the banking modelalso intend to make an important contribution from UniCredit to the growth and development of the country system, the note reads.

The new UniCredit plan

In this perspective, the new industrial plan, as stated in a note, has how reference points within the Italian perimeter the centrality of UniCredit’s social role in Italy, where the Bank has very strong roots and intends to contribute to creating the conditions to favor the desired structural revitalization of the country’s economy in terms of support and attention to the territory, to the productive fabric and to families; the centrality of the customer, whose needs and requirements have undergone a strong acceleration in changes; the centrality of the branch to ensure a high level of coverage of the territory; there organizational simplification / process efficiency, to free up time for customer contact, with the aim of increasing the ability to do business; L’cost efficiency to the benefit of investments in branches and in digital transformation, to make UniCredit fully capable of competing in the new market prospects; there digital strategywith significant investments in technological infrastructures to provide customers with even simpler and more personalized services.

“I am very satisfied with the agreement reached today and I thank the trade unions for the constructive discussion and their significant contribution to the result obtained – he declares Andrea Orcel, CEO of UniCredit. – This agreement is a demonstration of the approach we have taken in these negotiations, resulting in a positive result for our employees. This is a milestone that will allow us to further strengthen our proximity to the territories in a socially responsible way and encourage an important generational turnover, also in view of the new digital investments that await us, in line with the relaunch objectives set out in the UniCredit Unlocked plan. “.

Finally, another pillar envisaged is the confirmation between the Parties of the centrality of the training processes for the professional development of human resources and for the success of the “UniCredit Unlocked” Plan, for this purpose the creation of the new Academy in Italy will be of great importance, the fulcrum of training and development of people through constant collaboration and synergy with the territory and with the businesses. Finally, the Parties, in consideration of the commitment made by the workers of the national perimeter, confirmed to intensify the discussion to shortly finalize the collective productivity bonus referred to 2021.

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