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Ukraine: today economic sanctions against Moscow, the positions of the US and the EU


Immediate reaction of the West with the announcement of economic sanctions to the move by Vladimir Putin, which yesterday recognized the Ukrainian breakaway regions of Donetsk and Lugansk and sent its soldiers there in what it called ‘peacekeepers’. Yesterday, the US President Biden signed a decree to ban new investment, trading and financing by US entities in the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk.

Even the European allies have called for the adoption of sanctions, but for now nothing concrete. Moderation and caution in the steps reflect the difficulty of finding a unified answer, which makes everyone’s interests coincide and is proportional to Putin’s steps.

If the United States would like to impose “unprecedented penalties“To hit the Russian economy, including the energy sector, caution prevails from the Old Continent. Brussels has made it known that it “will react with sanctions against those involved in this illegal act”, but has not provided any details on the measures or on the precise objectives.

Sanctions, EU caution, the gas node

On the other hand, the economic interests at stake are different. For Washingtonimposing sanctions on Russia is not a big economic problem, quite the opposite for Brussels whose trade with Moscow is eight to ten times higher than the Russian-American one.

Italy for example, he would like the energy sector to be excluded from the package given the great dependence on Russian gas supplies, as well as Germany. But it is above all our country that is the “most exposed” to Russian gas supplies. She explained it clearly Prime Minister Mario Draghi, recalling that other countries can also count on nuclear power and coal. Avoiding energy sanctions is a shared priority with Germany. Than on the pipeline Nord Stream 2 he bet a lot, despite American resistance.

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According to the German government, after all, any type of sanction “will also hit our economy hard”, noted the minister of the economy Robert Habeck.

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