Home Technology Ukraine has received its first Starlink antennas

Ukraine has received its first Starlink antennas


It therefore only took a few hours between the time when Elon Musk confirmed the activation of star link above Ukrainian territory and that other moment when the country at war received its first delivery of Starlink antennas! These antennas make it possible to retrieve the high-speed Internet network directly via an armada of satellites located in low orbit. Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Mykhailo Fedorovconfirmed in a tweet of thanks, supporting photo, that a truck loaded with Starlink stations had arrived in Kiev. The photo reveals a few dozen stations crammed into the vehicle, equipment that will undoubtedly be dispatched to the Ukrainian control and administration centers. Elon Musk was content to answer a ” You’re welcome “ to the Deputy Prime Minister’s tweet.

This is the second time, in just a few weeks, that Starlink has provided logistical support in a crisis context. The first time was shortly after the violent eruption in the islands of Tonga. Starlink had reconnected the main island to the rest of the world.

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