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Ukraine crisis: what Putin and Macron said to each other


There will be no escalation in the crisis with Ukraine. This is the promise that the French president Emmanuel Macron managed to wrest from the Russian president Vladimir Putin at the end of the meeting last night.

A meeting held in fly and which saw two different visions on the future of safety in Europe: that of the West, intent on refusing a return of the Russian sphere of influence to neighboring countries, in particular Ukraine and Moscow, determined to stop further expansion of the Bornmake its boundaries. The first thing to do, Macron warns, is to work towards a de-escalation to prevent a conflict disastrous for everyone. The French president says he is “moderately optimistic”.

“Some of the ideas presented” by the French president on security may serve for “further steps in common” with Moscow, says Putin.

For our part, we will do everything to find compromises that will satisfy everyone “.

The French president is also in the same vein Emmanuel Macron according to which:

The critical situation in Europe worries us ”and therefore“ we need to behave responsibly. We have established the foundations for an open and full dialogue in 2019. There have been several meetings since then, in St. Petersburg, Bregancon and elsewhere. And I think it’s more relevant than ever. This dialogue is necessary because it is the only one that allows real stability and real security for the European continent “,” We had a discussion that allowed us to formulate a series of proposals on which I believe I can say that there are elements of convergence between Russia and France (…) I obtained in the 5-hour conversation last night in the Kremlin with the Russian president that there is no worsening or escalation in the Russian-Western crisis linked to Ukraine. For me, it was about blocking the game to prevent escalation and open up new perspectives. This goal has been achieved for me ”.

In short, for Putin, neither he nor Macron want a war Russia-Born that “would have no winners”. Has the truce arrived?

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Since last April, Moscow has begun to deploy over 100,000 soldiers on the border line in Belarusian “friendly” territory. Their presence is both a threat and an attempt to get answers to requests sent for some time since Kremlin to Washington and that is the guarantee that NATO does not incorporate the former Soviet territories. At the moment Ukraine is acting as a “buffer” between the nations belonging to NATO and Russia.

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