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Ukraine: a massive cyberattack targets several government sites


Ukraine is currently experiencing a major cyberattack targeting several government sites. No one has yet claimed responsibility for the computer attack. It occurs in a context of high tensions between Ukraine and Russia.

A significant hacking on the side of Ukraine

The sites of ministries, including that of Foreign Affairs and that of Emergency Situations, were inaccessible on Friday. Before the Foreign Ministry website was made inaccessible, a threatening message was posted by the perpetrators of the cyberattack on its homepage in Ukrainian, Russian and Polish. “Ukrainians, be afraid and prepare for the worst. All your personal data has been uploaded to the web”, could we read. This message was accompanied by several logos, including a crossed out Ukrainian flag.

Despite everything, the Ukrainian intelligence services say they have not found any leak of personal data. “Provocative messages were posted on the home pages of these sites, but the content of these sites was not modified and no leak of personal data took place, according to the information available”, the intelligence services said.

Several warnings in the last 24 hours

The United States warned on Thursday that the threat of a Russian military invasion of Ukraine was high. For its part, Russia declared 24 hours ago that its efforts to convince the West to prevent the expansion of NATO towards the East, in particular via an integration of Ukraine, had led to an impasse and threatened to draw the consequences, without specifying their nature.

Ukraine and its Western allies have repeatedly accused Russia of carrying out computer attacks against their sites and infrastructure, but Russia has always assured that this was not the case. It is difficult to say for the moment who is the author of the massive cyberattack targeting Ukraine.

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