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UK: Boris Johnson says goodbye to restrictions: stop mask and green pass


The United Kingdom will be the first country to abolish all anti Covid restrictions implemented so far as decided yesterday by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. It was the prime minister, speaking in the House of Commons, who announced his intention to relax the restrictions against Covid-19 before the end of January. From January 27, particularly in Great Britain, the vaccination pass will no longer be mandatory, although individual companies will still be able to impose it, and the mask, which will remain “recommended” in crowded places.

Thanks to the fantastic progress with Covid, we can relax the measures (…) The decision to revoke the work from home recommendation, the British vaccination Green Pass and the obligation to wear masks everywhere will soon be formalized (…) The Covid emergency is “Entering an endemic phase” in the UK.

So reported the prime minister, underlining that according to the opinion of the scientific consultants the country seems to have passed the “peak” of Omicron infections at a national level. Johnson reported that over 60% of the over 12s and “over 90%” of the over 60s in the UK have received the third dose of the Covid vaccine. Even the British Minister of Health, Sajid Javid said in a press conference that the Omicron variant of the new coronavirus “is in retreat”, with the death rate “in sharp decline” and admissions to intensive care “returned to the same levels as last July. “.

The end of the restrictions in Great Britain, the British Prime Minister is convinced, will allow the country to return above pre-Covid GDP levels, to have the “highest G7” economic growth rate in recent months and to go back to historical highs of employment rates, in particular of “youth employment”.

The announcement could be a move to gain popularity that has plummeted in recent weeks after the party gate is putting the British prime minister in serious trouble.

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Party gate: what’s going on

Johnson could face a vote of no confidence if most of his party colleagues turn against him after the strong pressure from the multiple reports of parties that government staff would hold, and some attended by Johnson too, during lockdowns.

It all started with the publication of an email sent by private secretary of the premier, Martin Reynolds, to a hundred guests in which participants were encouraged to “bring a drink”.

The apologies of the number one on Downing street during the session of the House of Commons and according to the English newspaper Guardian, more than 60% of Conservative MPs are now in favor of the resignation of the head of government. Labor leader Keir Starmer spoke of unregulated conduct for Johnson, comparing it to the decorum of royalty: “Last year Her Majesty the Queen was left alone following the death of the man she had been married to for 73 years. He followed the rules of the country he drives “

A former adviser and now prominent political enemy, Dominic Cummings, accused Johnson of lying to Parliament, saying the prime minister was warned that the party had violated Covid rules at the time. Johnson denied but if it turns out he lied to Parliament, he is expected to step down, politicians, including his deputy Dominic Raab, said. Many have already publicly stated that they think it is time for Johnson to leave, with a growing number wanting to send no-confidence letters to the chairman of the influential “1922 Committee,” a parliamentary group that oversees the leadership challenges of the Conservative Party. an influential group in the party, made up of a number of conservative lawmakers.

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If conservative lawmakers don’t trust their leader, they can submit letters to the group’s chairman, Graham Brady, asking for a vote of confidence. To trigger that vote, however, 15% of Conservative MPs (or 54 of the current 360 Tory MPs) must write such letters. Sky News reported that to date 12 more letters are needed to spark a leadership challenge, but as the letters are delivered confidentially, only Brady knows the true number.

France also towards an end to restrictions

After Great Britain, it could be France’s turn. The French Prime Minister, Jean Castex, will hold a speech this evening at 7 pm to announce the road map for “the gradual lifting of the latest restrictive measures” against Covid in the country.

“We are moving step by step towards an easier life with the coronavirus”

Yesterday in France, more than 400,000 people tested positive for Covid-19, but the rate of admissions to intensive care has dropped to 15%.

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