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UFC-Que Choisir criticizes very poor 4G in rural areas

  1. UFC-Que Choisir reveals that there are significant differences in speeds in France, especially in rural areas in 4G. The consumer association speaks of a “unacceptable digital divide”.

Notable speed differences in 4G

In 4G, 32% of consumers are deprived of “good broadband” in rural areas. The term “good broadband” refers to a speed of 8 Mbps or greater. The numbers on 4G highlight “extremely marked territorial inequality” since, in urban areas, average speeds are 66% higher than in rural areas (55.3 Mb/s against 33.3 Mb/s).

In addition, 14.3% of speeds recorded are less than 3 Mb/s, the minimum speed for accessing basic mobile Internet services, while the “good broadband” defined by the government is not reached in 25% of cases at the national level and in 32% of cases in rural areas.

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“Not accepting that, nearly 10 years after the launch of 4G, high-quality broadband still remains unrealistic for many consumers, UFC-Que Choisir calls on the public authorities to finally impose on operators a quality of service minimum allowing to use in good conditions the mobile Internet, everywhere where the mobile coverage is supposedly ensured”, castigated the association in a press release. It uses data from its Queldébit mobile application, which is intended to be participatory and can be used by anyone on iOS or Android.

Launched in 2013, the “France Very High Speed” Plan should make it possible to cover the entire French territory in very high speed (speed greater than 30 Mb/s) by 2022. It represents a total investment of 20 billion euros. public and private euros. The “New Deal Mobile”, an agreement signed in January 2018 between the government, the telecoms regulator and operators, aims to reduce the white areas-town centers in France by 2022, i.e. territories not covered by networks. latest-generation mobiles such as 4G.

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