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Twitter bots can now identify themselves as is


Twitter announces that bot accounts can now identify themselves in this way. This allows users to know that such account is a bot, with tweets posted automatically.

A label specific to Twitter bots

This system for adding a label to Twitter bots has been in testing since last September and is now available to everyone. The social network says that the people who created the accounts must manually add the label.

Some bots focus on topics such as the latest news, bug fixes, or today’s weather data. According to Twitter, this label will allow users to get more details about a bot account and its purpose. Twitter suggests this will help people decide which accounts to follow and which to interact with, while possibly adding a layer of trust and transparency.

Twitter won’t monitor accounts that choose to apply the new label, but users will be able to report accounts they believe violate the rules. Also, the social network is working on a label intended to commemorate the deceased. This label was supposed to see the light of day in 2021, but it is still not available.

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