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Toyota, world queen of auto sales, overtakes GM in the US


Toyota Motor stays for the second year in a row number one to the world in car sales. This was announced by the Japanese group, highlighting that it “maintained production despite a year of turbulence in the supply chain”.

In 2021, Toyota group sales, which include those of Daihatsu Motor and Hino Motors, increased by 10% to 10.5 million units for the year. This despite the fact that in December, global sales fell (-5.5% at group level) for the fourth consecutive month.
To the second place by number of deliveries, lto German Volkswagen (brands VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, etc.), whose global sales fell 4.5% last year, to 8.88 million units, according to data released in mid-January.

In a black year for auto manufacturers, grappling with the shortage of chips, Toyota reports that it has limited the damage, thanks to its close attention to its suppliers, which has allowed it to better prepare for the shortage of semiconductors than many rivals, especially in the first half of 2021. However, the picture remains gray.

“The outlook for both Covid-19 and parts supplies remains uncertain and we will continue to do everything possible to minimize the impact,” the group said in a statement.

Toyota: boom in hybrid, in the US puts GM in the corner

Of note, the sales boom for the hybrid vehicles, which recorded an increase of 27.4% on an annual basis (2.4 million in total). Electric car deliveries stop at 14,407 units.

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TO geographic level, the group achieved significant growth in almost all international markets with Asia representing the largest market (3.1 million units sold, + 13.2%). North America follows with 2.6 million vehicles sold (+ 11.3%).

It should be noted that the Japanese company has established itself in the United States, becoming number one in sales: a historic result that puts an end to the undisputed domination of General Motors, number one for 90 years. The results were less brilliant in Europe, an area in which Toyota Motor Group sold just over a million vehicles with a growth of 7.1%.

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