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“Total economic war” against Russia? The Mayor sounds the charge… in reverse


You’re lucky I’m not nervous! » This Tuesday 1er March, Bruno Le Maire made a promise on franceinfo: Russia was going to see what it was going to see. ” We will wage an all-out economic and financial war on Russia “, assured the Minister of the Economy, promising that the Western powers would “ cause the collapse of the Russian economy to punish the invasion of Ukraine. A few hours later, after former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev raised his voice on Twitter, Bercy’s warmonger wisely resumes his marbles: ” The term “war” used this morning was inappropriate “, he now informs Release. Summary of a drama in three acts.

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8:37 a.m. Pumped up, the minister of reels, already the author of numerous rants about Air France, Ford or the Gafam tax, climbs on his lugs at the microphone of franceinfo. ” Economic and financial sanctions are extremely effective, and I do not want to leave any ambiguity about European determinationhe welcomes. We are going to wage an all-out economic and financial war on Russia. »

To Vladimir Putin, or to Russia itself? ” To Russia, to Vladimir Putin, to his government, but the Russian people will also pay the consequences, let’s be clear. We want to target the heart of the Russian system, we target Vladimir Putin, we target the oligarchs, but we also target the entire Russian economy “, promises the minister. Bruno Le Maire gets drunk: “ [Ces sanctions] have to strike fast, strike hard, and we can already see the effects: the ruble has collapsed by 30%, Russian foreign exchange reserves are melting like snow in the sun and Vladimir Putin’s famous war chest is already reduced to almost nothing. We see the collapse of the market, we also see the increase in inflation, we will see queues of Russians trying to get cash in the banks. »

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Understood Moscow? Economic Armageddon is on! ” So we will cause the collapse of the Russian economy », promises Saint Michael of Neuilly-sur-Seine. And to conclude: The economic and financial balance of power is totally in favor of the European Union, which is in the process of discovering its economic power. What followed proved him wrong.

12:21 p.m. Faithful among the followers of Vladimir Putin, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev grabs his phone and opens his Twitter account. In response to the impetuous French Minister of the Economy, he posted this message: A French minister said today that they had declared economic war on us. Hold your tongue, gentlemen! And don’t forget that, in human history, economic wars have often turned into wars. »

2:25 p.m. Rear machines, all! Bruno Le Maire makes amends in Release. ” We give full support to the Ukrainian people in this crisis. We are determined to impose massive and effective sanctions against Russia but we are not in conflict against the Russian people “, rectifies the minister. While Vladimir Putin brandished the nuclear threat on Sunday and all the pretexts seemed good to the Russian camp to justify the aggression of his neighbor, it finally agreed that ” the term “war” used this morning on franceinfo was inappropriate and does not correspond to our de-escalation strategy “. Bruno Le Maire: brave, but not reckless?

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