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To avoid harassment in his Metaverse, Meta activates an Avatar “protection bubble” by default.


The great strength of VR is of course the immersion, the feeling of “being brought into contact” with the virtual world in which the user finds himself immersed. This asset can quickly become a handicap in the context of a multi-participant Metaverse. An American journalist recently claimed to have been harassed insideHorizon Worlds, the metaverse of Meta currently available in the United States. In detail, an unknown avatar would have stuck to the avatar of the journalist. Just imagine the same scene with a haptic jacket (which are already available to the general public) to measure the extent of the problem.

Following this testimony, Meta then recalled that an option was available to have its own contact bubble around its avatar. Nobody can cross this invisible bubble (1 meter around the avatar of the user) without being invited to do so. Faced with the flood of criticism, Meta has reviewed the setting of the Personal Boundary function, which is now enabled by default for anyone going to the Metaverse. With Personal Boundary enabled, only hand checks are possible between two avatars. For kisses and + if affinities, it’s IRL that it happens…

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