Home Technology TikTok is also testing subscriptions to view certain creator videos

TikTok is also testing subscriptions to view certain creator videos


Like Instagram, TikTok is currently testing a subscription system. This allows creators to offer certain videos to paying users and only to them.

Paid subscriptions in test at TikTok

TikTok did not go into details about its paid subscriptions, with the social network only confirming to The Information that a test was underway. But we can suspect that the operation is similar to that offered by Instagram.

As it stands, anyone who posts a video can make the content public or private. But in this case, it’s all or nothing: you have to choose a setting at the account level. With subscriptions, a creator could post free public videos and paid videos that are only for subscribers. Naturally, the idea is that content creators can make money.

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How the social network is going to add this system for creators is a bit confusing. The app’s major strength over its competitors is its algorithm that surfaces content on users’ “For You” pages. It’s a way for creators to reach users and, ideally, turn them into subscribers. But if creators reserve their best content for subscribers, that content is probably not available to feed the algorithm, which could reduce engagement, since in theory it is not shown to non-subscribers.

There is currently no information on pricing and the extent of the test. At Instagram, subscriptions will be between $0.99/month and $99.99/month, with Instagram committing to take no commission until 2023.

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