Home World News Thibault Muzergues: “Whatever he says, Putin will not stop there”

Thibault Muzergues: “Whatever he says, Putin will not stop there”


Marianne: Can we really say that we are experiencing a “return of war in Europe”, as many commentators claim?

Thibaut Muzergues: Maybe not yet (quite) in the European Union, but definitely on the European continent. There had been the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s, Putin waged his war in Georgia in 2008, and in the Donbass from 2014: nearly 15,000 dead before the February 24 offensive all the same.

In August, I spoke of a shift from peace to non-peace, which could one day result in war in Europe. Today, the non-peace that reigned in Ukraine has turned into open war, and our relationship with Russia is turning into at least a trade war. We are already in a gray zone, between war and peace.

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“History teaches us that when a revisionist state gains appetite, it quickly becomes bulimic. »

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