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these two states that are still resisting the Covid


More than 386 million cases worldwide, for 5 million deaths. Just over two years after its outbreak, the Covid pandemic continues to claim victims. France is not spared with nearly 20 million cumulative cases at the beginning of February 2022. But other states still do not record any cases. One year ago, Marianne thus identified eight Pacific islands that have avoided the pandemic.

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While Micronesia, Tonga and Vanuatu were only substantially affected (respectively 1, 5 and 7 cases with no deaths recorded), others such as Palau experienced more alarming figures (2,115 cases, i.e. 10% of the population but no deaths). However, Nauru and Tuvalu do not record any cases, with very different strategies.

Nauru, a rapid start of vaccination

A small state south of the equator, the Republic of Nauru has fewer than 11,000 inhabitants, making it the second least populated state in the world behind the Vatican. But this Pacific island can nevertheless be proud of a world record. In May 2021, after only one month of campaigning, the State had succeeded in administering the entire adult population but also the foreigners present in the territory. Nauru thus had a vaccination rate of 108%.

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Since then, the campaign has started to run out of steam. Undoubtedly influenced by the absence of cases on the island, but also by the reservations around the Astra Zenecca vaccine (used exclusively during the first campaign), vaccination dropped. As of 4 February 2022, 68% of Nauruans are fully immunized.

Tuvalu, isolation as protection

With barely more inhabitants than Nauru, Tuvalu is not among the good performers in vaccination. Only 49.9% of the population is considered “fully vaccinated” according to the latest figures released. However, like its neighbour, the island is currently avoiding COVID-19. The geographical location could explain this phenomenon.

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Isolated in the Pacific, Tuvalu is located 700 km from the nearest state (Kiribati). It is therefore difficult to access the country, except by sea or air. However, at the height of the pandemic, the state severely restricted these arrivals. Although this has had economic repercussions as tourism is one of Tuvalu’s main industries.

Turkmenistan and North Korea, the unknowns

Two other states claim to have had no cases of COVID-19. Turkmenistan, an authoritarian republic, boasts of being among them. However, neighbors such as Iran or Uzbekistan have been particularly affected. According to information from CNN, President Gurbangouly Berdimouhamedov, wishes to appear as the savior of the Nation, even if it means denying any case of coronavirus in the country. However, according to local journalists, the situation in hospitals appeared to be catastrophic last fall.

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Same thing in North Korea. The People’s Republic, through the voice of Kim Jong Un, announces that it does not know of any cases of coronavirus. Last December, RFI reported the words of the national authorities: 45,000 tests carried out in the country, none positive. Despite the political and diplomatic isolation of the country, it seems difficult to believe these data, given its geographical location and its large population (25 million inhabitants). North Korea has repeatedly refused to vaccinate its population. It is the only state in the world, along with Eritrea, to hold such a position.

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