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these crazy sanctions against the unvaccinated in the world


Italy is taking a step forward. A decree, published this Wednesday, January 5, imposes vaccination on all people over 50 who do not work. Those in activity have until February 15 to obtain their vaccination pass, which amounts to a de facto compulsory vaccination.

A measure taken to reduce pressure on hospitals and save lives “indicates the government in its press release. Those who cannot present their “green pass”, the vaccination pass as it is called in Italy, risk a fine of 100 euros. The countries of the world are gradually beefing up their arsenal to force their citizens to receive the injection.

Fine in the Vatican

In Europe, the vaccination obligation is essential on the Old Continent. First country to use it: Austria. The government has announced it since November 19. From February 1, anyone over the age of 14 must be vaccinated. Austrians will have until March 15 to comply. From that date, those who refuse the vaccine will have to pay a fine of 600 euros every three months. In the event of non-payment, the sum may rise to 3,600 euros.

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Greece quickly followed in Austria’s footsteps, but the deadline is much shorter. Announced at the end of November by the Prime Minister, the obligation comes into force from 16 January. Those who have not received their first injection risk a fine of 100 euros, renewable every month. ” This is the price to pay for health said Kyriákos Mitsotakis, the head of the Greek government.

In the Vatican, since February 8, vaccination is imperative. It is the very first country in the world to have imposed it, first on members of the clergy before extending it to all in October. The penalties are heavy, ranging from fines to dismissal for those who refuse the injection. The obligation was extended to members of the Swiss Guard at the beginning of October. Three of them preferred to return to the country rather than submit to it. Three others have been suspended while they complete their vaccination schedule.

Hospitalization at your expense

In the rest of the world, governments seem to have less qualms about strongly punishing their fellow citizens who refuse the vaccine. The federal authorities of Canada have suspended unemployment benefits since January 2. ” I don’t know how long this will last recognizes the Federal Minister of Employment, Carla Qualtrough, who specifies that ” as long as the collective public health of Canadians is threatened and our economy is thus threatened, we must keep public health policy at the top of our decisions in the areas of employment, labor and the economy “.

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Canada is a federal state and each province can decide on additional measures. Quebec in particular wants to go even further. The Journal of Montreal announced that the control of the vaccine pass could be extended to the alcohol and cannabis businesses, both in the hands of a public monopoly. An announcement to this effect should occur in the coming days.

In the city-state of Singapore, the approach is different again. The local authorities rely on the individual responsibility of the non-vaccinated. All those admitted to intensive care will have to pay the cost of hospitalization themselves, which is around 16,200 euros.

More permits, more SIM cards

Indonesia is the first country in the world to impose vaccination on all adults in February 2021. The measures are diverse and depend on local authorities. In some regions, residents are refused their driving license because they have not been vaccinated. Other districts cut social assistance or prevent the receipt of letters necessary to start a job. In the capital, Jakarta, those who have not been vaccinated can be fined up to 290 euros.

These measures sometimes give rise to implausible situations. On October 17, 2021, a 19-year-old woman had her rape complaint denied by the police. Reason: she did not have a vaccination certificate to enter the post.

In the province of Punjab, in Pakistan, the authorities have recorded the digital isolation of the non-vaccinated. Since June 10, those who do not want to be vaccinated will be able to have their SIM cards blocked, even though the mobile phone is the most used means of accessing the Internet in this country.

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