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“The stalls quickly emptied, we are starting to run out of water”


Me Roman R, in Kiev at war for eight days. A whole week. Our lives turned upside down so much in one week! Here in Kiev it’s still going well. But in the East, how many dead civilians, how many homeless, how many families huddled together or crowded together in housing that has been spared but has become too small? They say you get used to everything. It’s true, the sound of the sirens, going down to the shelters, thinking about calling his mother in the morning, ” Mom, I’m alive, I love you. » Life in wartime.

In Kiev, the infrastructure is still working. I would like to say how exemplary municipal officials are. All shooting and sabotage are currently targeting public facilities, isolating people, spreading panic, plunging apartments into darkness or cutting off water. At the slightest incident, the city technicians rush to repair. There are no more neighborhood or skill limits. The guys come from wherever they are and repair as they can. They are the ones who maintain a semblance of normal social life.

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Contrary to my concerns yesterday (following the explosion near the station), the heating works, no power cuts. Ambulances, police vehicles, military vehicles have absolute priority. But rest assured, they are not at risk of being caught in a traffic jam. You have to ask for an administrative authorization to drive in a private car. Very little public transport. The stalls quickly emptied. Several decrees prohibit price increases. Severely suppressed. We are talking about looting of stores. I saw broken windows. There is talk of a lynching in the provinces. Unable to verify. We try to set up a priority for the elderly, it is very difficult to enforce. We are starting to run out of water. More bottles in store and running water is less and less clean. So we fetch water directly from the pump in the urban reservoirs.

Humanitarian aid blocked

Humanitarian aid was beginning to arrive. The logistics were falling into place. But it’s stuck now. Around Kiev, the trucks no longer pass. The Russians only allow buses of people who want to leave by the famous “southern route” to pass. The East and South East are completely blocked off. The North, let’s not talk about it. An emergency humanitarian corridor must be created. It is becoming urgent. It seems that lines of humanitarian aid trucks are stuck at the Hungarian border. Why do the Hungarians refuse to let them pass? We don’t understand. It is a real humanitarian catastrophe which will be added to that of the weapons.

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The conditions of peace, or rather of a lull: giving Dombass and Crimea? Accept being disarmed when our army is our only defense? Yesterday, maybe yes, we would have accepted it. He could have it without the war. Today we prefer to fight. Absurd? Only Ukrainians can understand this. We would need bulletproof vests and helmets. Where to find it? Haven’t seen my son in a week.

Tell us what Macron said. What’s next?

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