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The sixth issue of Naturissime is out!


Every quarter, with Naturissime, the green version of Santé magazine, take care of your health, your body, while respecting the environment. Also discover the practical advice of our experts to consume better and in a more responsible way.

The magazine is structured around three main parts:

natural health : to take care of your health all year round naturally. In this number :

  • the major file “finding balance naturally”,
  • herbal tea, infusion, decoction, what’s the difference?
  • the tiger balm, the star ointment…

The green life : to know the gestures and good practices of everyday life in order to live in harmony with the planet. In this number :

The breath break : to learn how to slow down, de-stress and promote your well-being naturally. In this number :

  • beat the sunday night blues,
  • and if we put ourselves to the puzzle,
  • the sauna, a northern routine that feels good…

New avenues to explore to nourish your well-being and develop your inner serenity. As Aline Perraudin, Editorial Director, reminds us, “knowing how to make sense of things, lighten your mental load, tame your negative emotions, accept your weaknesses… All of this can be very liberating. This allows us to reconnect with ourselves, to not lose sight of what is essential to us and to feel fully good on a daily basis. »

On video: The new issue of Naturissime is on newsstands!

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