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The Shenmue anime series finally has a Crunchyroll air date (and it’s coming very soon)


Shen Mue, cult game among the cult games of the Dreamcast (which however does not lack it) has therefore been adapted into an animated series. The 13 episodes of this series, which is inevitably eagerly awaited by fans, will soon be available on the Crunchyroll and Adult Swim platforms, and this time, we finally have a release date: Ryo Hazuki will try to avenge the death of his father (killed by the infamous Lan Di) on February 5, on Crunchyroll and Adult Swim therefore.


The scenario of the series should largely be based on that of the initial game, the advantage here being that we will finally be entitled to a real finale, the video game saga of Shenmue having never been able to be finalized by the brilliant Yu Suzuki (the production cost of Shenmue almost ran Sega). the trailer In any case, we are unveiling a series with careful production, which is still a minimum for one of the most important titles of the late 90s.

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