Home Technology The OnePlus 10 Pro easily folds in half, its durability a concern

The OnePlus 10 Pro easily folds in half, its durability a concern


The OnePlus 10 Pro is not a foldable smartphone, but the simple act of applying force breaks the smartphone to the point… that it bends. The durability of the product worries.

The durability of the OnePlus 10 Pro needs to be reviewed

YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, which specializes in smartphone durability testing, was able to test the OnePlus 10 Pro to see how it fares. As soon as YouTuber Zack Nelson shoves the phone’s glass back in to test its structural integrity, it cracks with a noise you never want your phone to make. Multiple cracks appear all over the frosted back of the phone, and we can see the aluminum frame splitting open on the sides. At this point, the phone is still alive.

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Breaking occurs when the phone is pushed to the other side. It almost breaks in half, making it absolutely unusable. However, manufacturers have made progress over the years on this specific point. But here, OnePlus surprises with its latest smartphone.

Looking closer, Zack Nelson sees that the OnePlus 10 Pro’s massive 5,000mAh dual battery runs the length of the phone. As the device cracked just above the battery, its location may have contributed to the structural failure.

It is certain that this type of video is not going to help OnePlus. The smartphone was recently announced, but only for China. An international launch is planned, but there is not yet a date communicated.

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