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The Ministry of Justice is targeted by a cyberattack


The Ministry of Justice has been targeted by a cyberattack, the extent and consequences for the data are unknown with verifications still in progress. The command of the gendarmerie in cyberspace was seized of the investigation for a suspicion of attack.

An attack targets the Ministry of Justice

“There was something but not of a significant magnitude, it does not target criminal court files”, told AFP a source close to the investigation. “The Ministry of Justice took note of the alert and immediately organized itself to carry out the necessary checks in conjunction with the competent services in this area”, he announced Thursday afternoon.

Checks are still ongoing. There is a point-by-point analysis of the system and it takes time. Obviously, there is an obligation of transparency, especially if there were leaks of personal data, for example.

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In a message sent Friday morning to the heads of the representative trade unions, the Chancellery specified “that a site known to disseminate data (lockbit) would threaten to publish files belonging to the Ministry of Justice on February 10”. The cyberattack was claimed by the Lockbit 2.0 hacker group.

Also a cyberattack for the city of Saint-Cloud

At the same time, the city of Saint-Cloud was also the victim of a cyberattack. This took place on the night of Thursday 20 to Friday 21 January. “This type of attack, unprecedented in its intensity, could not be avoided despite the reinforced security measures applied on a daily basis to protect the data and the integrity of the computer resources connected and installed on the City’s computer systems”, Saint-Cloud said in a press release. The city says it has filed a complaint and the Paris prosecutor’s office has opened a judicial inquiry. Investigations are still ongoing to determine the precise extent of the attack.

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