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The Masters of the Universe: we know the name of the actor who will play Musclor in the live-action adaptation of Netflix


Despite often disappointed (not to say devastated) feedback, netflix persists in wanting to adapt the most cult anime into films or series live action. The gigaflop of the live-action adaptation of cowboy bebop ? Already forgotten (the series will not even be entitled to a second season). This time, therefore, the sacrifice of the day is the adaptation live action from Masters of the Universe. The mini-series Masters of the Universe: Revelations was released recently on the platform, and Netflix would have already started a film project which had been announced in February 2020.

Kylen Allen will soon play a Musclor on screen… rather young

We now know the name of the actor who will play the beefy Muscular : it is therefore Kylen Allen (seen in the West Side Story of Spielberg) who will claim the “Almighty Force”. The brothers Aaron and Adam Nee are in charge of the script and the production of this film, of which we know almost nothing except the name of its main actor.

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As a reminder, Masters of the Universe has already been adapted to the cinema. It was in 1987, a dung signed Gary Goddard with Dolph Lundgren in the role of Musclor. Let’s hope the Netflix version doesn’t join it in the pantheon of the dwarf. Masters of the Universe the Movie does not yet have a release date on Netflix.

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