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The Lakers smile again


Well helped by the return of LeBron James, the Los Angeles Lakers came out against the New York Knicks (122-115, ap) and are recovering. In the other results of the night, the favorites also prevailed.

With LeBron James, things are immediately better. Back after five games away from the courts, the Los Angeles Lakers star was once again invaluable in his team’s victory against the New York Knicks last night (122-115, ap). Very badly started (29-42 during the first quarter), the Californians gradually fell behind to come back up after halftime, thanks to a scathing 31-13. In front of the following, however, the Lakers saw RJ Barrett (36 points and 8 rebounds) equalize at 111-111 and send the two franchises into overtime. During this one, James (29 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists) and his family did not miss their chance to win again and thus revive themselves, they who remained on four defeats in the five last matches. For this, Anthony Davis (28 points and 17 rebounds) and Malik Monk (29 points) supported their teammate well, while Julius Randle (32 points, 16 rebounds and 7 assists) was also very prominent for the team. ‘Evan Fournier (15 points). Beaten in Atlanta recently (124-115), Phoenix has also put forward without having to work in Washington (80-95). Thanks to a very good Deandre Ayton (20 points and 16 rebounds), the Suns signed a 42nd success in 52 games to consolidate their superb record this season. Also in the West, also note the victory of the Sacramento Kings against Oklahoma City Thunder (113-103).

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Memphis, Miami and Milwaukee on their way

Traveling to Orlando, the Memphis Grizzlies did the job against the Magic (115-135) to stay within reach of the Golden State Warriors (2nd in the conference). Once again, Ja Morant (33 points and 7 assists) was huge for his side, who started very strong and were then able to manage their lead in Florida. That’s now 37 wins for the Grizzlies this season. Finally, in the East, Miami and Milwaukee held their rank. On the floor of Charlotte, the Heat did not shake (86-104), thanks in particular to an astonishing third quarter (8-35). Against the Hornets, Jimmy Butler (27 points), Bam Adebayo (20 points and 12 rebounds) and Tyler Herro (19 points) ensured to allow Miami to remain dolphin of the Chicago Bulls. Behind them, the Bucks logically won in Oregon (108-137), against a formation of Portland still as diminished. In front of 16 lengths at the break, the defending champions gave a layer in the third quarter to fly away (+32) and facilitate the end of the match. For this, Bobby Portis (30 points) and Giannis Antetokounmpo (29 points and 9 rebounds) were once again invaluable. With now 33 wins in 54 games, Milwaukee is back on the conference podium, with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Philadelphia Sixers on the lookout behind.

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Saturday February 5, 2022
Orlando Magic- Memphis Grizzlies : 115-135
Charlotte Hornets- Miami Heat : 86-104
Washington Wizards- Phoenix Suns : 80-95
Los Angeles Lakers – New York Knicks: 122-115 (aet)
Portland Trail Blazers – Milwaukee Bucks : 108-137
Sacramento Kings – Oklahoma City Thunder: 113-103

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