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“The hill of cherry trees: From the subprime mortgage crisis to the lockdown”. Bertelli’s book


“The hill of cherry trees. From the subprime mortgage crisis to the lockdown “ is the book by Ruggero Bertelli on sale in the online shop of Wall Street Italia.

The Hill of Cherry Trees by Ruggero Bertelli: Behavioral Finance Stories

There financial crisis of 2008 and the timing of COVID 19 was a stress test for Behavioral Finance. This book traces some guidelines of the discipline, systematically applied in the course of events, telling true “stories”, lived and narrated with the interpretative key of Behavioral Finance.

We can all live a bright and more fragrant life and run up the cherry hill and see the morning. But we need a little help. And this is where Behavioral Finance comes into play, which manages to describe events, interpret them correctly, helping us to rationally read what is happening, mitigating the effect of uncertainty and fear and thus generating strength, analytical skills, argumentation and a balanced mental attitude. .

Great hand comes from financial advisor which helps to correct, prevent, but also treat, when necessary, cognitive distortions, starting from the awareness that changing behavior is very difficult and that therefore the role of the consultant is fundamental in the investment choice processes.
Starting from the construction of an “architecture of choices”, the financial consultant affirms himself as an indispensable reference for those who have ambitious life plans in which they fully believe. The consultant – on the solid basis of his own knowledge, skills and experience – shows the investor the way; he senses it and understands it. The consultant, the trusted person, kindly pushes the client towards the correct choices, which will be concretely made. And the circle of value is closed.

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The cost for 1 book including shipping costs is € 28.9. To buy it click here.

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