Home Health The Health magazine of March 2022 is out!

The Health magazine of March 2022 is out!


Solutions to relieve your joints

joint painare far from only concerning seniors! For example, osteoarthritis reaches 25% of over 45s. The treatment of these common ailments is essentially based on anti-inflammatories and infiltrations. But the hygiene of life also matters a lot. Indeed, many everyday gestures, and in particular several small simple exercises, can give you effective and lasting relief, provided that it becomes a routine.

“The regular practice of appropriate physical activity outside of inflammatory flare-ups, and a diet that helps maintain a healthy weight are effective “natural” treatments. If you cannot cure osteoarthritis, good daily habits at least allow you to live better with it,” recalls Aline Perraudin, editorial director of Santé magazine.

Find all the advice from our specialists forease your pain and continue doing the activities you enjoy in our special file, page 22.

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What foods are good for our hair?

We hate to see our hair fall out or become dull… But what does our hair really need? Proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, which nourish the cells inside the scalp and allow them to synthesize very good quality keratin. The advice of Dr. Catherine Lacrosnière nutritionist, Alexandra Retion dietician – nutritionist and Dr. Marie Estelle Roux dermatologist to choose the right foods to take care of your hair (page 96).

Prix ​​Santé Magazine Beauté Santé 2022: which cosmetics are the most effective?

What matters above all is taking care of your skin, hydrating it, nourishing it, protecting it, sometimes repairing it. Another strong point, naturalness is no longer a trend, it is an essential criterion. Many laboratories are reworking their formulas to offer beauty clean, with as few controversial ingredients as possible and less impact on the environment. That’s why this year we’ve created two new categories: organic and vegan. Discover our prize list which reflects your desires, the beauty of today and tomorrow (page 83).

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And also in summary:

  • Should young doctors be required to settle in medical deserts ? p.16
  • Jean-Pierre Pernaut : “I am naturally optimistic anyway” p.20
  • Headaches, soothe them quickly p.34
  • Prevent kidney stones p.42
  • How to pamper your neurons ? p.46
  • erectile dysfunction, what’s new ? p.52
  • The best toddy winter p.64
  • The light therapy to sleep better p.70
  • Boost your libidop.72
  • Should I eat before play sports ? p.112
  • Our recipes against hot flashes p.131

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