Home Technology The Halo series has already been renewed for a season 2

The Halo series has already been renewed for a season 2


Series Halo will indeed have the right to a season 2. Paramount+, the streaming service which will broadcast it, is therefore more than confident knowing that the first season… has not yet been broadcast.

A season 2 signed for the series Halo

Season 2 of Halo “reflects the confidence we have in the power of this epic series to attract and engage viewers. Halo has been a great collaboration with Amblin and 343 Industries, and we are all grateful for the opportunity to continue it” said David Nevins, CEO of Showtime Networks.

The series features Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief, Natascha McElhone as Dr. Halsey, and Jen Taylor, who voices Cortana in the games Haloas Master Chief’s assistant.

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The first season of the series Halo will premiere on March 24 on Paramount+ in countries where the streaming service is available. In France, Paramount+ will launch at the end of 2022, but we will still have the series at the same time (it seems) as the other countries. It will be broadcast on Canal+ with us. At least the first season, we suspect that the second and any following will be directly on Paramount +.

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