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The French are finding it increasingly difficult to seek treatment


For some, care is becoming a rare commodity. According to an Ifop-Biogaran study (source 1), revealed exclusively by The Parisian, the French believe they are having more and more difficulty getting treatment. Moreover, they would be three out of four (74%) to denounce a growing deterioration of the health system. A much higher proportion than in recent years, they were 57% to have this feeling in February 2007.

And these concerns are not only the consequence of the Covid-19 crisis. “The French are just as worried about more structural phenomena such as the decline in the production of drugs in Europe (85%) or the impact of aging on the balance of the health system (82%)”, notes Ifop .

Too long delays

Today, 70% of French people claim to have already given up treatment at least once. In question ? Reasons too long delays, care too far from home or too high costs. “Nearly half of French people (45%) have given up on treatment in the past two years and 15% experienced it between two and five years ago”, warns this survey.

And for the past fifteen years, this situation has worsened considerably. In 2021, 51% of French people could not consult a doctor because of too long a waiting period… compared to 23% in 2007. In addition, the number of patients who gave up a medical consultation for questions of distance is four times higher than fifteen years ago. “We are privileged witnesses and observers. We measure the difficulties of access to care for our fellow citizens, but also the difficulties of accessing the hospital system, which is out of breath”, confided to the daily newspaper, the president of the union of general practitioners MG France Jacques Battistoni.

Value the pharmacist

So, to facilitate access to care, the French rely on very specific interlocutors: pharmacists. These are considered “easy to access” by 95% of French people against 67% for general practitioners (-21 points since 2007). With this in mind, respondents would like pharmacists to be able to carry out more missions how vaccinations or changing prescriptions.

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