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the freedom convoy flopped in Switzerland


In Ottawa, capital of Canada, the mobilization of truckers against health restrictions is such that the mayor has just judged the situation “ out of control “. The city has indeed been paralyzed for more than a week by protesters.

The movement, baptized “convoy of freedom” is emulated. In France, such a demonstration is expected for February 13. In Switzerland, antivax tried the same operation… but did not meet with the expected success. February 7 was indeed to mark an important warning shot with regard to the Swiss government. The demonstrators demanded, among other things, “the immediate removal of all restrictions” , “cancellation of the health pass” Where “the end of the state of emergency which suspends the constitution […] while imposing a tyrannical dictatorship”.

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If no information has circulated as to the number of demonstrators, the few circulating videos show only a handful of trucks. Few media have relayed the information. This lack of enthusiasm can be explained by Swiss legislation. In Switzerland, the vaccination obligation does not exist, whether it concerns Covid-19 or all other diseases. Even health professionals are exempt from compulsory vaccination, although they are subject to compulsory screening. This legislation, less severe than in France or Canada, may explain this lack of mobilization. Nevertheless, a vaccination pass is imposed as in France, to access cultural establishments or places of restoration.

The Convoys for Freedom movement could be organized in other countries, if we are to believe the messages of the group World Freedom Convoy. Italy in particular where the vaccination pass is requested, but also Germany (which is thinking about it) or Croatia.

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