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The European Parliament “taken hostage” by the opposition? Cognitive dissonance among macronists


Don’t take God’s children for wild ducks. This Wednesday, January 19, the MEPs and Macronist deputies, joined for the occasion by the Eurobéats of all stripes, were shouting loudly: by attacking Emmanuel Macron during his visit to the European Parliament in Strasbourg for the start of the French presidency of the Council of the European Union, the tricolor oppositions would have tarnished the image of the country, defiling this venerable institution by introducing into it the vile political quarrels of the hexagonal presidential campaign. Among the walkers, everything therefore happens as if Emmanuel Macron had not himself used this meeting to stage himself as a candidate for Europe in view of the French electoral deadline.

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This Thursday, on the air of France Inter, Christine Lagarde, president of the European Central Bank, goes there with her little remonstrance: “ Unfortunately, I found it to be a bit more like the National Assembly than the European Parliament, comments the former boss of the International Monetary Fund. I say this with some regret, because I think the French presidency has some really interesting goals, some of which I think have a chance of being achieved. “If only the structural reforms that are as necessary as they are indispensable could be carried out between reasonable people…” I find it a bit of a shame that the national debate has moved, so certainly on the national territory because it is Strasbourg, but Strasbourg is a European city in its finality, and there I found that it was a bit sad “, she continues.

On BFMTV, Jean-Dominique Giuliani, president of the Robert Schuman Foundation, also deplored the image ” deplorable » of France given according to him by « what the opposition did today “. ” We are the only ones who behave like this, he says. It is not done, we must be in solidarity with our country. I understand that we are in a pre-election phase, but we settle electoral matters in Paris, not in Brussels or Strasbourg. We wash the dirty laundry as a family, understand? Our inveterate Europhile seems to forget that the President of the Republic, moreover much criticized on this point in France, deliberately delays his official entry into the campaign to avoid blows. Similarly, the fact that the president is only “within reach of the slap” of elected opposition members within the European framework – the separation of powers prohibiting him from speaking in the National Assembly – seems to have escaped Jean- Dominique Giuliani.


What should Yannick Jadot (European ecology candidate Les Verts for president), Manon Aubry (MEP for La France insoumise), François-Xavier Bellamy (MEP Les Républicains) and Jordan Bardella (acting president of the National Rally) have done? ? To be silent and wave, in each hand, a tricolor pennant and another in the colors of the EU? The scene would certainly not have disappointed MEP Nathalie Loiseau: “ When Emmanuel Macron rises to the challenges facing the European Union, French oppositions fly low, obsessed with the presidential election. No national pride, no vision on their part. They have the wrong time and place. The rest of the European Parliament listens to them, bewildered “, she regrets on Twitter.

And Emmanuel Macron? Wouldn’t he also have wrong time and place »? Remember that the Head of State could perfectly well have taken the example of Germany: in 2006, our neighbours, then in the middle of the election period, had preferred to exchange their rotating presidency with Finland. Instead, Emmanuel Macron prefers to maintain the presidency, even if it is overshadowed by the race for the Élysée, in which he and his supporters will eventually embark on for good. In case of alternation in May, the new French government will have to recover on top of the bargain the files and the organization of the thousands of meetings that France is supposed to chair. ” The timetable you have endorsed will serve your campaign more than European action “, has also underlined François-Xavier Bellamy.

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Nathalie Loiseau pretends not to know that the divide between supporters and detractors of the EU, which Emmanuel Macron himself helped to bring to the fore, is a major issue in the French presidential election. As if Europeanism was not a central marker of the political identity of the President of the Republic in the national debate, his French opponents should have swallowed without flinching what strongly resembles an instrumentalization of the French presidency.


Invited by LCI, François Bayrou takes the masquerade a step further this Thursday, saying that Emmanuel Macron’s speech did not contain ” not a word of French politics “. Truly ? The President of the Republic certainly did not have the presidential campaign in mind, nor the herald of the identity right Éric Zemmour, when declaring before the European Parliament that “ the end of the rule of law is the reign of arbitrariness, the sign of a return to authoritarian regimes “. Nor by stating: We see this revolution [conservatrice] to the work that undermines the very foundations of our history. Where tolerance and civility were basically at the heart of the process of civilization which is ours, an idea returns which is reborn within our peoples. »

According to the latest news, France is still located in Europe, the ” fight for liberal democracy “, climate, industrial autonomy and the ” european security are also French issues, all mentioned in Emmanuel Macron’s speech. Is it really scandalous that his elected compatriots, according to their respective sensitivities, have referred Emmanuel Macron to his national record on themes as obviously European as immigration and international relations for Jordan Bardella, ecology for Yannick Jadot or protections social for Manon Aubry? There is all the same a paradox in that the champions of macronism, in whose eyes the destiny of France and that of the European Union are consubstantial, suddenly seem to consider that the conduct of one is completely foreign to that of the other when reviewing it.

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It is probably this cognitive dissonance that led MoDem MP Patrick Mignola to pray on Twitter European parliamentarians from please excuse some of your French colleagues, who by transforming your hemicycle into a (bad) political meeting, have shown themselves unworthy of Europe “. And to conclude: Today, in Strasbourg, French politicians showed two faces: that of Emmanuel Macron, who has for her (sic) an exalting ambition and that of political opponents who have taken the European Parliament hostage in the service of their electoral propaganda. “However, it was La République en Marche which had 80,000 posters posted proclaiming the slogan “Change Europe to advance France” before Emmanuel Macron’s arrival in Strasbourg.

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