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The craziest patents in video games… rendered in 3D!


Since the creation of the very first video games, engineers and inventors of all kinds have imagined new ways to practice our favorite hobby. Without them, no multi-button controller, no home consoles to take over from arcade machines, no VR, etc. Some even went very far in innovative concepts, perhaps too far in fact. The Crucial site had the rich idea of ​​illustrating in 3D rendering the craziest patents in video games, and there’s something heavy in the boxes!

Thus this patent for an inflatable vehicle signed Leo Markowitz and filed in 2012 (US20120270663A1). The objective here is of course to have at all times a suitable seat for car racing games, a seat that can be deflated at leisure and stored under the bed after use. Practical… but a bit ridiculous, no?

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Also check out this patent filed in 2005 by a certain Paul Chen (US20050255916A1) which describes a controller capable of reproducing images, such as the face of your fighter in a fighting game for example. too much ? A bit too no doubt…

Patent Video Game 2 1024x575

Perhaps then this patent for a physical screen divider filed in 1994 by Timothy M. Coffey (US5435557A), because well, multiplayer games on the same “split” screen, it’s still better when the other player can’t copy. How useless?

Patent Video Game 3 1024x575

Well, we’re being difficult, I see, but wait a bit! What do you think of this patent for removable controllers intended for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets). Brandon Workman thought about it as early as 2011 (US20110260969A1), and it must be recognized that the idea was not bad since there are quite similar controllers on the market today.

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Patent Video Game 4 1024x575

Finally, here is the patent of a distant cousin of Nintendo’s Ring Fit. Benjamin’s Patent Karl Broderick was filed in 2009 and describes a gaming exercise chair that allows you to control the game character while doing your abs (US20110086747A1). Not so stupid after all.

Patent Video Game 5 1024x575

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