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The beautiful recital of Fournier


Evan Fournier struck a blow Thursday at Madison Square Garden against the Celtics, even signing a new career record.

Started on the hats, the adventure of Evan Fournier in New York has experienced many failures since his arrival at the Knicks. Evidenced by his recent performance against Oklahoma City, December 31, concluded with only 3 points on the clock with a poor 1 out of 8. And if there had been better, the next match, against Toronto with 20 points, the he former Poitevin had experienced a real ordeal against Indiana. To the point of ending the fanny meeting and following the end of the match from the bench.

Evan Fournier was necessarily thirsty for revenge when he found Boston, against whom he had scored 32 points for his baptism with the Knicks at the end of October. Celtics who seem to be definitely succeeding at the Olympic vice-champion. The native of Val-de-Marne has indeed delivered a real recital, setting a new career high with 41 points in 42 minutes and a very successful 15 out of 25 on shots. While he also swallowed 8 rebounds, the Habs notably investigated 10 of his 14 attempts behind the arc, also signing a new record.

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13 points in the last quarter

And Evan Fournier added the way to his festival. While the New Yorkers counted up to 25 outlay points, the Francilien scored 13 points in the last quarter, allowing the Knicks to complete their fantastic comeback. It is indeed thanks to its 10and three points of the match that the residents of Madison took the lead with two minutes remaining, New York finally winning 108-105 after an unlikely award-winning shot from RJ Barrett while Jayson Tatum, author of 36 points, 9 assists and 8 rebounds tied the two teams with 1.5 seconds left in the game.

“Obviously I lack consistency at the moment. But I didn’t expect to do as well as in my first game here, and that was already against the Celtics.”, could savor the hero of the evening as the Knicks, with now 19 wins and 20 losses on the clock, recovered the 10and Conference Square is at the expense of the Massachusetts franchise.

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