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The Batmobile from The Dark Knight movie is now an electric car… and on sale


The famous batmobile of The Dark Knight (from director Christopher Nolan) has made its big transition to electric. To be fair, this is a reproduction by Macro Studios and a team led by the talented Nguyen Dan Chung, just 23 years old. The Electric Tumbler has huge 22-inch front and 33-inch rear wheels (not to mention 18-inch rims), all in fairly compact overall dimensions, 3.7 meters in length for 2.4 meters in height and 1.3m in height (and barely 600 kilos on the scale).

Only two people can board the vehicle (the driver and his passenger) and the electric motor can still reach 105 km/h (which is far from the hypothetical speed of the model in the film). This 100% electric Batmobile is even offered for sale by the Vietnamese company Van Daryl, but the price remains confidential and is only revealed to real potential buyers.

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