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the 5 appointments of the week


Monday, February 21: Trump unsheathes his social network

Donald Trump’s social network, called Truth Social, must be officially online this Monday, February 21. For the former American president, it is a question of presenting his supporters with an alternative to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Youtube, from which he was ejected after the invasion of the Capitol in April 2021. Just on the first two cited networks, 35 and 24 million Internet users followed him assiduously. They can now find it by registering from the Apple application store.

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Aware of the congestion in the virtual market of ultraconservatives, Donald Trump has teamed up with the listed company Digital World Acquisition Corp. A collaboration which enabled him to raise 293 million dollars (260 million euros) on Wall Street last September. He then closed a second billion dollar fundraiser.

Tuesday, February 22: the candidates face the youth

Several candidates for the 2022 presidential election will confront 100 young French people aged 15 to 25, during a meeting organized byFrench Radio. Hosted by Carine Bécard and Thomas Snégaroff, the program will allow each young citizen to interview a politician.

But the selected do not yet know which personality they will face between Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Éric Zemmour, Yves Jadot, Christiane Taubira, Anne Hidalgo, Valérie Pécresse or Marine Le Pen. Interviewed by West FranceArnaud Colin, a 22-year-old Finisterian, judges that he “ is important to make politicians understand that we are the future of France that it is important to bet on us! “.

Wednesday, February 23: Maigret is back

For many French people, Commissioner Jules Maigret, hero of the works of the writer Georges Simenon, is inseparable from the actor Bruno Crémer, with his blond hair, his mischievous blue eyes, his hat slightly askew and his nonchalantly screwed pipe on the lips. He was also played by Pierre Renoir or Jean Gabin, to name but a few.

For his film adapted from the novel Maigret and the dead girl, the director Patrice Leconte has decided to opt for another big name in French cinema, Gérard Depardieu. The actor, who has already played popular figures like Cyrano de Bergerac or Obélix, will lead the investigation into the death of a young girl found in a Parisian square, dressed in an evening dress. A major new role that will allow him to explore all the psychological and dramatic depth of the famous curator.

Wednesday February 23: the extension of the abortion deadline adopted

The bill extending the legal period for abortion from 12 to 14 weeks should be definitively adopted by the National Assembly this Wednesday, February 23. The parliamentary debates were somewhat stormy, especially in the Senate, which has a right-wing majority. Senators have always opposed this extension.

For Laurence Rossignol, former Minister in charge of the Family and Women’s Rights and rapporteur (PS) of the bill, this refusal is a ” line constant […] who doesn’t like abortion “. The scientific world itself has shown itself to be divided. Many practitioners have supported lengthening when others, such as obstetrician-gynecologist Israel Nisand, have pointed to increased medical difficulties and risks for patients.

Friday February 25: the Cesar ceremony

Antoine de Caunes, the master of ceremonies this year again, was clear: the César 2022 will not look like those of last year. The actor wishes a warmest evening possible », « emotion, laughter… The cocktailideal “. And, if possible, no stunt like the one operated by the actress Corinne Masiero who had undressed on stage: “ If we can avoid this register, we will avoid it. In 2021, the Césars had been strongly criticized, both by the political and media class and the public.

At issue: the complaints of certain actors due to the health situation, which have fueled a ” between oneself “, according to Isabelle Adjani. Gérard Jugnot, for his part, deplored the lack of ” lightness ” of the evening. Result: the show, which gathered 1.6 million viewers, recorded one of its worst scores, according to figures from Mediametry.

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