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Boris Johnson participated in a party for his birthday in full confinement

Already criticized for parties in Downing Street, the British Prime Minister is pinned for a birthday party in full confinement. According to the ITV television channel, Boris Johnson took part in this party organized by his wife Carrie on the afternoon of June 19, 2020, during the first confinement, when such gatherings were then prohibited. Up to 30 people are said to have attended, including interior designer Lulu Lytle, who was tasked with carrying out the costly renovation of Boris Johnson’s controversially funded Downing Street apartment.

According to a Downing Street spokeswoman, Boris Johnson participated “less than ten minutes” to this gathering of his collaborators. ITV news indicates that friends of the Johnson family would have participated in another event organized on the evening of June 19 on the floor of the residence of the Prime Minister, which his services have denied. “It is totally false. In accordance with the rules at the time, the Prime Minister welcomed a small number of his family members outside that evening., said Downing Street.

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Implicated for a series of parties in Downing Street in full confinement, Boris Johnson, 57, is suffering his worst crisis since his triumphant accession to power in the summer of 2019. The anger aroused by these parties, which took place at the time where the population was asked to drastically reduce its interactions, caused a drop in its popularity in the opinion polls. The head of government has so far escaped a vote of no confidence from his conservative camp and refers to the conclusions of the internal investigation carried out by senior civil servant Sue Gray, which should be published soon.

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CAN: “8 dead and dozens injured” in a stampede in front of a stadium in Yaoundé

A stampede in front of a stadium in Yaoundé killed eight people before an African Cup of Nations (CAN) football match between Cameroon and the Comoros on Monday evening, according to a preliminary report from the Ministry of Health obtained by the AFP. “Eight deaths are recorded”, including a child. An initial assessment provided earlier by state television reported a “Half a dozen dead and dozens injured”.

According to the Ministry of Health, a stampede occurred at the southern entrance to the Olembé stadium. The victims were “immediately transported” in ambulances but “heavy road traffic has slowed down transport”, according to the report. A baby was also trampled on by the crowd, according to the Ministry of Health. The baby, “immediately extirpated and taken to the general hospital of Yaoundé” is in a state “medically stable”.

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The Olembé stadium, with a capacity of 60,000 seats, had been specially built for the CAN. To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, a 60% stadium filling gauge had been introduced, rising to 80% when the Indomitable Lions, the players of Cameroon, play. This is the second serious accident in Cameroon in less than a week. During the night from Saturday to Sunday, an accidental fire caused by fireworks had killed at least 16 people in a nightclub in an upscale district of Yaoundé.

The Council of State suspends the ban on the sale of cannabis flowers

The Council of State on Monday suspended the government decree prohibiting the sale of hemp flower and leaf loaded with CBD, the non-psychotropic molecule of cannabis, a relief for players in the sector. The highest administrative court had been seized by various actors in the sector wishing to obtain the emergency suspension of a decree issued by the government on December 30 and which prohibits the sale and consumption of hemp flowers containing cannabidiol (CBD).

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In its order, the Council of State considered that it “does not follow from the instruction (…) that hemp flowers and leaves with a THC content not greater than 0.30% would have a degree of harmfulness to health justifying a general prohibition measure and absolute of their sale to consumers and of their consumption.. The Council of State clarified in a press release that the suspension applies “provisionally” while waiting for the instance “definitively decides on the merits of the legality of the contested decree”. The State will have to pay the total sum of 13,000 euros to the thirteen applicant companies.

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In November 2020, the Court of Justice of the European Union thus ruled illegal the banning of CBD in France, authorized in several other European countries, in the name of the principle of free movement of goods. European justice had estimated that he had no “no harmful effects on health” and could not be considered a narcotic, unlike its twin molecule, THC, which can be found on the black market and which has psychotropic effects. The Cour de cassation, the highest court in the French judiciary, followed suit, considering in June that any CBD legally produced in the EU could be sold in France.

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