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Covid: Israel extends 4th dose of vaccine to those over 18 at risk

The Israeli Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday evening to extend the injection of a 4th dose of vaccine against Covid-19 to people over 18 at risk. Director of the Ministry of Health Nachman Ash has authorized the administration of this 4th dose for people with a higher risk of contamination, either because of illnesses or for people working in a risk environment, the ministry said. in a press release.

This decision was taken in view of the effective results of the 4th dose, administered in Israel since the beginning of the month to people over 60, the statement said. The administration of a fourth dose of the Pfizer vaccine makes it possible to multiply the antibodies by 3 to 5 times compared to the 3rd dose and will reduce the number of contaminations, indicated the ministry. The superior medical council of the ministry had recommended the administration of this 4th dose to the entire population over 18 years of age, but the director of the ministry has for the moment only authorized it to a certain category of people at risk.

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In the past 24 hours, the country, which is facing a wave of contamination due to the Omicron variant, has recorded 76,155 new cases. Of the 9.4 million inhabitants, 614,953 received a 4th booster dose. In total, 2.5 million contaminations have been recorded since the start of the pandemic in Israel and 8,513 deaths according to official figures.

Loss of contracts with Orange: 1,800 jobs at risk at subcontractor Scopelec

The loss of contracts with the operator Orange runs the risk of around 1,800 layoffs at the equipment manufacturer Scopelec, the chairman of the supervisory board of this cooperative specializing in the deployment of telecom equipment told AFP on Wednesday. Asked about the subject, Bercy told AFP on Wednesday evening that the Ciri (Interministerial Committee for Industrial Restructuring) had been seized and that its main role would be to try to “transfer as many Scopelec employees as possible to the new beneficiaries of the contracts lost by the group”.

The loss of subcontracting contracts with Orange, its historical partner and its main customer, is indeed at the origin of the crisis since the group has lost 40% of its turnover, estimated at 475 million euros. euros in 2021. “The other subject to be discussed is to see if Scopelec can find a profitable model with less activity and fewer employees, by the end of February”, date of the effective transfer of the lost lots to the new recipients, we underline at Bercy.

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Established on more than 90 sites in France, Scopelec, which has some 3,600 employees, remains one of the six partners “major” retained by Orange despite the loss of these contracts, following a call for tenders launched in early 2021.

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The contracts lost by Scopelec went to the companies Solution 30 in Occitanie, Spie in the Pays de la Loire, Sade in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, as well as Vinci and Constructel. For its part, Sogetrel, which specializes in fiber and very high-speed networks, lost the Orange market in the North and Pays de la Loire at the end of 2021, and won markets in particular in the South and South-West at from the end of March. Its employees of the equipment manufacturer started a strike on Monday, to protest against the transfers imposed on 600 employees in the North, in Haute-Marne, in Champagne-Ardennes, in Normandy and in the Pays de la Loire, according to Teddy Stevance, representative union at the CSE. The management wishes to send many of these employees to Occitania or Aquitaine, threatening dismissal of the refractory, according to this CGT trade unionist.

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Changing names more easily: MPs give green light to new legislation

Abandoning the surname received at birth to take that of the other parent: the National Assembly has given the green light to a text of ” freedom “ allowing you to change your surname more easily, once in your life. The bill of the deputy LREM Patrick Vignal “relating to the choice of the name resulting from filiation” was adopted at first reading overnight from Wednesday to Thursday by 49 votes to 5 with 2 abstentions.

This short text touches through the name and its transmission to a foundation of civil status and individual identity. This law ” of freedom “ will give “a choice without imposing it” and “will make it possible to put an end to suffering, to appease families”, pleaded Patrick Vignal. The Keeper of the Seals Éric Dupond-Moretti gave his support “enthusiastic” to this reform which will make it possible to respond “to those people who support their name more than they wear it”.

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The change of name is now possible in certain cases ridiculous or discredited sounding name, for the purposes of francization of a foreign name, to prevent the extinction of a surname but the procedure is long, expensive and uncertain. The so-called reasons “affective”, for those wishing to give up the name of a violent, incestuous, absent parent or any other personal reason are subject to the same procedures, often without success.

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