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Tesla: new grain, recalls over 800,000 cars. What happened


If for Elon Musk, number one of Tesla, business is booming (2021 recorded record results for the Californian electric car manufacturer), the new year started with safety alarms with a new recall for cars on the road. The latter forced the Californian electric car maker to recall more than 817,000 vehicles in the United States. On the “dock of the accused” lacoustic warning which may not activate when the car starts and the driver has not fastened his seat belt.

For this reason, the‘US Automotive Safety Authority (NHTSA) stated that the vehicles, Model S and Model X 2021-2022, Model 3 2017-2022 and Model Y 2020-2022, do not meet a federal motor vehicle safety standard related to occupant accident protection since the buzzer does not activate.

“The beep may not go off when the vehicle starts and the driver has not fastened the seat belt,” Nhtsa wrote. The agency said the issue renders Tesla non-compliant with the “occupant accident protection” requirements of federal automotive safety regulations.

The Californian house, which will perform a software update over-the-air (Ota) to solve the problem, explained that the defect does not affect the activation of the seat belt reminder beep when the vehicle exceeds 22 km / h and the driver’s seat belt does not is detected as connected.

2022 starts badly for Tesla cars

But this is only the least of the problems Tesla he dealt with it from the start. After the maxi call to check the functionality of bonnet and rear view camera (700,000 recalls between China and the US), Tesla was once again grappling with a security problem a few days ago.
This time around Elon Musk’s Californian electric car company will have to contact the owners of quasi 54,000 vehicles in the United States to disable a feature that allows cars to go through a stop without coming to a complete stop. These are the S, X, 3 and Y models equipped with “fully autonomous driving” software, the controversial program that should one day allow cars to travel without a driver.

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