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Tech, nuclear, defence, Francophonie… 6 battles to fight to raise France


1. Reassert diplomatic rank

The recent humiliation suffered by France in the so-called Australian submarine affair is symptomatic of an era: the arms sales diplomacy undertaken under François Hollande – which has become the alpha and omega of our relations with the international – has polluted the very meaning of an art lowered to mere commercial negotiation. And the advent of Macron has changed nothing. Does this mean that our country has lost its genius in diplomacy? Nay! recently entrusted to Marianne Michel Duclos, former French Ambassador to Damascus: “We spoke Latin, and knew history. Our successors master it less well, but they are bilingual or trilingual, and many have traveled, in the Arab world as in China. »

Qualities which, to go back to the course of history, must be accompanied by a political will equal to the challenge. Namely speaking again with all the players in a complex chessboard where France plays its full role when it defends its values ​​– and stop making our diplomats mere department heads supposed to promote the Rafale. The same applies to France’s place within the UN Security Council, a non-negotiable place for a nuclear power. Here again, Emmanuel Macron must be firmer. A few months ago, LREM deputy Roland Lescure, chairman of the Economic Affairs Committee, proposed in an interview with the Figaroto share “by 2030” our headquarters with the EU. A perspective as aberrant as it is dangerous – for France and for the world –, which the President of the Republic nevertheless ended up (mildly) rejecting.

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2. Putting the sea at the heart of its strategy

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