Home Technology Surprise! Gabe Newell himself delivered some Steam Decks

Surprise! Gabe Newell himself delivered some Steam Decks


Gabe Newellthe CEO of Valve, keeps a very geeky sense of humor. Several buyers from Steam Deck were thus surprised to receive the PC-Portable console… from the hands of Gabe himself! Some players immediately recognized Gabe Newell’s large carcass, but others, arguably less knowledgeable about Valve’s internal affairs, reacted as if it were a completely “normal” delivery. Note that during this very special delivery, Gabe Newell did not hesitate to show great generosity. A neighbor of one of the Steam Deck buyers recounts his incredible adventure: “After tracking my neighbor’s Steam Deck delivery, we shouted ‘Hi Gabe! “. At that point he asked how many people lived in the house, then he went back to his van and got us each a Deck”. Class !

The Steam Deck PC-portable console is only available for sale on the Steam website. Prices range from 419 euros to 679 euros depending on the model.

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