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Spotify: Joni Mitchell in turn leaves the platform, Joe Rogan reacts and new measures are applied


It’s the business that shakes Spotify for a few days (and caused the group’s share price to fall by 6%). About a week ago, the legendary Neil Young announced the withdrawal of all of his albums from the streaming platform, explaining that he no longer tolerated the presence on Spotify of the very popular podcast Joe Rogan, the latter having not hesitated to invite many representatives of the anti-vaxx sphere to the United States. Spotify did not react to Neil Young’s ultimatum so that the artist’s albums (except a live album) are no longer available in the service’s catalog.

The controversy went up a notch a few hours ago with the announced departure of the platform from Joni Mitchell, the mythical folk singer (to whom we owe the cult piece Big Yellow Taxi), which states that guests of the Joe Rogan podcast “Spread lies that cost people’s lives”. The artist Nils Lofgren made the same decision in stride, followed soon after by the popular “podcaster” Brene Brown, who announces that she will no longer post any podcasts on Spotify as long as Rogan’s show remains hosted there.

Faced with the risk of a snowball effect (and especially after a good fall in the stock), Spotify has announced that it will take new measures to fight against misinformation and fake news, measures which mainly boil down to publishing a link to verified and scientifically sourced documents on Covid-19. These links are already posted under some of Joe Rogan’s “problematic” podcasts.

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As for Rogan himself, already under pressure since the call of 270 scientists and health professionals asking to ban his podcast following the dissemination of fake news on the Covid-19, the time has come for an attempt at appeasement. : “I will do my best to try to balance these more controversial views with the views of others so that maybe we can find a better point of view. I don’t just want to show the contrary opinion to what the (official, editor’s note) story is. I want to show all kinds of opinions so we can all understand what’s going on and not just about COVID, but about everything, about health, about fitness, about wellness, about the state of the world itself- same. » As a reminder, Joe Rogan has signed a $100 million contract with Spotify.

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