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Spider-Man: No Way Home is approaching the podium of the biggest hits of the American box office


The score is all the more impressive in times of pandemic: Spider-Man: No Way Home achieves a huge success in the world. With $1.7 billion at the worldwide box office, Spider-Man is weaving the web of its success. In the United States, the film even approaches at full speed a certain… Avatar. With 748 million dollars “at home”, Spider-Man: No Way Home is no longer very far from the 760 million dollars of Neytiri and his band. Admittedly, inflation has passed through there, and the 760 million in 2009 for Avatar represent many more admissions than the 748 million for Spidey, but the perf is more than notable.

Spider-Man: No Way Home, however, is still very far from the two films at the top of the US box office. Avengers: Endgame thus made 858 million dollars on US soil while Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens peaks at 936 million dollars (and dust). We still wonder what the Spideys of the multiverse would have managed to do if the restrictions linked to the pandemic had been weaker or non-existent (it was however open bar in many American states).

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