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Spending time in the sun would protect against severe forms of Covid-19


Is vitamin D the new ally against the wave of Covid-19 sweeping the world? Perhaps according to the conclusions of a study carried out by researchers from Trinity College in Dublin (Ireland). According to this new research (source 1), vitamin D allows the body to protect against serious forms of Covid-19. These findings were published in the journal Scientific Reports.

Further evidence of the protection provided by vitamin D

According to Irish researchers, the vitamin D brought by the solar radiation could prevent severe forms of the virus. Indeed, the researchers analyzed the link between the level of solar radiation in the place of residence of the patients the weeks before the infection and the reduction in the risk of developing a severe form. “Our study adds further evidence that vitamin D may protect against serious infection. It is essential to conduct a Covid-19 trial properly designed on vitamin D supplementation,” said Lina Zgaga, lead researcher of the study at Trinity College Dublin.

As the National Food Safety Agency (ANSES) points out (source 2), sufficient exposure to sunlight maintains a supply of vitamin D in the body. For this, it is recommended to expose yourself to the sun for 15 to 20 minutes at the end of the morning or in the afternoon. In May 2020, the Academy of Medicine (source 3) spoke about a possible correlation between vitamin D and Covid-19. It was then mentioneda significant correlation between low serum vitamin D levels and Covid-19 mortality”.

A necessary supplement?

Before adding: “This phenomenon generally follows a North-South gradient, although there are exceptions such as Nordic countries where the supplementation of vitamin D nutrients, in particular milk products, is systematic. On the other hand the southern european countries surprisingly show a high prevalence ofvitamin D deficiency despite more sunshine. This would explain why infants who regularly receive vitamin D have asymptomatic forms of Covid-19 and fewer complications.

In view of these conclusions, the experts of the Academy of Medicine had also recommended vitamin D supplementation 800 to 1000 IU/day in people aged under 60 as soon as the diagnosis of Covid-19 is confirmed.

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