Sun. May 16th, 2021

The CyberSatGov, a satellite event that looks into the relationship between satellite and the cybersecurity sectors, will be held this month. The event, ranked as one of the most important and thought-provoking satellite events, was first started in 2017. The event has been in the years that it has been held, been able to attract globally renowned speakers like the former CIO of NASA, Renee Wynn; Defense Intelligence Agency’s director, Lieutenant Robert Ashley, and the current chief of the Space Operations for the U.S. Space Force, General John W. Raymond.

The Covid19 pandemic leads to the cancellation of the launch of CyberSatGov in Los Angeles, which was expected to take place in May, but the CyberSatGov scheduled for October will go on as planned. The event, which will be the first-ever hybrid event, will compromise a one-day in-person component followed by two days of sessions that will be live-streamed. 

Even though the event has undergone various alterations to its initially proposed plan, CyberSat has attracted the best line up of speakers of whom some will speak in person, and others through sessions streamed live. The discussions will be based on the concerns affecting the satellite sector as it tries to ensure its assets’ security. With the timing of the event being just after the United States established its initial cybersecurity policy, the Space Policy Directive 5, for space systems in September, it is a clear indication of the satellite industry’s willingness to collaborate with government agencies.

The October 7 event will comprise two powerful in-person keynotes with the opening keynote is Katherine Arrington, the CISO Assistant Secretary for Defense Acquisition. Katherine will be expected to explain the latest on the United States governments’ perspective. The lunchtime keynote will be Curtis Hernandez, the national security space policy director on the National Space Council (NSC). Hernandez will be expected to give out the NSC’s perspective, especially on the current cybersecurity programs.

The Thursday and Friday sessions will be digital with quality speakers. Major Kimberly Crider, the mobilization assistant to chief of the Space Operations for Space Force, will be one of the speakers during the digital sessions. With CyberSatGov being a global leader in bringing together cyber and space world influencers together, the event is unique among its peers and offers a look into the future. 

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